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We are Alliant Event Services

We’re go-getters, multi-taskers, make-it-happeners and I’ll-find-the-answer’ers. We live to service our customers and solve problems – doing anything in our power to bring joy to your day.

The Idea People

We believe that big, creative solutions don’t need big budgets. In fact, we get really excited when we can come up with value-driven ideas our client never thought possible. This is where the magic happens.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

You’ll never have to worry about hidden fees or lowballing just to get our foot in the door. We charge exactly what we quote. In fact, we have a 100% track record for accuracy that we’re very proud of.

Expert Finishers

In the world of events, where details matter, we are expert finishers. We believe that an installation isn’t complete until everything looks neat, tidy and orderly. The back of house looks as good as the front – check. Cables neatly taped down – check. Equipment looking spic and span – check. Safety concerns looked after – check.

Your Partner

Most of all, we think that no matter how great the event was, how well it went off without a hitch, how amazing the equipment performed, we’re in the people business. Working with us should be a joy. You should feel like we are your partners, your advisors and your confidants. We are here to service the heck out of you.

A Name Synonymous with Trust

As a result of our deep-rooted beliefs, we’ve developed a reputation for our unique approach to AV products and services and this has made us the trusted parter to some of the biggest brands in the world and led us to be the in-house and exclusive supplier of audio visual services in several venues throughout the US.

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